The artist, blending oryantal  mysticism with western rafinery, prepared her new collection using turquoises, soil corals and ebonies colleted from... Devamını oku

Ahmet Türkmen Mobilya ve Dekorasyon which has adifferent place in the sector, prepares furniture decorationsevery year. It produces furniture of all... Devamını oku

Elettra, who was born in New York, is the daughter of Isabella Rosselini belonging to Italian and Scandinavian roots, and German Jonathan Wiedemann.... Devamını oku

Nilgün Belgün who comes to the Tv screen with the program called “Hafta İçi Her Gün Nilgün Belgün” in the morning hours on TV 8, deals... Devamını oku

Feryal Gulman, the wife of Kemal Gulman, the famous bussiness man is active in bussiness world as the CEO of Gulman Group, while recognized to be the... Devamını oku

Turgay Artam, who has a significant store of knowledge with the years of experience on collecting and auctions, is such a straightforward that he... Devamını oku

Atıl Kutoglu, who drew attention with the fashion show he organized at lyceum years, has now been world-famous designer, offering his collections in... Devamını oku

Markus del Monego, having proved his knowledge about wine as the first and the only sommelier who won both titles of World Sommelier Champion and the... Devamını oku

The intent of Mr. Aziz was to go to Paris in 1968s after studying secondary education at Saint Joseph but his parents wanted him to stay in Istanbul... Devamını oku

Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan, who emphasises that the upbringing style of his family has a great role in her success in business life, is also a nice... Devamını oku

Sencer Can was born in 1972 in Edirne. He grew up in Ankara and started horseback riding upon moving to Istanbul in July 86. He has participated in... Devamını oku

Nahide Büyükkaymakçı, who is decorator-painter and does master in Berlin on her actual profession and takes education on fashion, did her... Devamını oku

Begüm Şen, who is the wife of Adnan Şen -the eldest son of the Fenerbahçe Football Club’s legendary chairman of the board, Ali Şen- is a... Devamını oku

Umit Unal is one of the Turkish designers who have been successful inland and abroad. The famous designer have entered the men’s world and added... Devamını oku

Orka Group, which was founded in the second half of the 1980’s, currently owns four brands: Damat, Tween, ADV and D’s. While everyone tends to... Devamını oku

İsmail Acar was born in 1971 in Suşehri district of the city of Sivas. In 1988, he enrolled in Marmara University - the Faculty of Fine Arts,... Devamını oku

The brand “Bind” is named after the abbreviation of the “Binay Dünyası” (Binay World), arisen by the eight siblings’ step towards the... Devamını oku

Koray Malhan, who is the son of Koleksiyon Mobilya’s owner, Faruk Malhan; is currently responsible with the Brand and Design Director-ship of the... Devamını oku

Abdullah Burnaz was born in 1971 in Istanbul. He graduated from Nişantaşı Işık High School. The first 15 years of his life were spent commuting... Devamını oku

Doluca, which is one of the 20 oldest companies in the world is celebrat-ing its 83rd year in business this year.Founded in 1926 by Nihat Kut-man,... Devamını oku

In order to perform this with a true love for it, I think there needs to be a passion coming from the early childhood. Galip Bilgin is also some-one... Devamını oku

Acqua di Parma Colonia was the first Italian cologne. Would you tell us a brief story of the brand since 1916? Officially it has been born in 1916... Devamını oku

DKNYMEN created for a dynamic, innovative men who can set up his own rules, as timeless as the face of its advertising campaigns, Mark... Devamını oku

Stepping in the fashion sector almost 20 years ago with ready-made clothing, but deciding on haute couture for the purpose of working more freely,... Devamını oku

At first, I’d like to mention about Nilgün Çolak in brief. Having a career mainly in the field of advertisement marketing in the business world,... Devamını oku

She started her profession in 1999 by providing editorship service for decoration magazines and she continued her professional life with food... Devamını oku

love to wear more sporty clothes, and this brand was included in the brand portfolio. In 2004, the third brand of the family was created: Feminine... Devamını oku

Gamze Saraçoğlu is a very young fashion designer, and is creating her designs in her workshop in Nişantaşı. Making an indelible impression with... Devamını oku

As a successful businesswoman who has brought channels such as MTV, Nickelodeon, Eurosport Turkish Production, Sci-Tech and the newly opened BBC HD... Devamını oku

Interior designer Rasit Karaaslan who earned an iF Product Design Award in the year 2009, has found Mobi Furniture in Bursa in 1983. The large... Devamını oku

Özartaş offers elegance, luxury, prestige and simplicity to its customers by using modern and traditional lines. Design team of company, which is... Devamını oku

Marshall Dye, which initiates in using the colors in decoration and revive the lives of the people through the collections it provides for half a... Devamını oku

Nedret Taciroğlu, who was among the highly sought models of her time and who has even once ranked fourth in an international beauty contest held... Devamını oku