Aestetic, Pleasure and Glory

Aestetic, Pleasure and Glory

Armani Watch distributed by Saat&Saat in Turkey seems to be mentioned very frequently with its new collection prepared for spring-summer season 2007. This collection of Armani Watch with aesthetic, pleasure and glory fascinates everyone. Leather belted circle case model, even the surrounding of the case is covered with leather, combines the charm of brown with Armani’s nobility. Black steel cased and leathered model attracts attention with its double dial. These watches having 5 ATm waterproof will take place among indispensabile objects of men in this season with their strong designs and calendar.

Robert Cavalli known with its models addressing modern women is noticed with its special designs for ladies who want to catch a sophisticated style in modern times. This special golden design is like a journey from past to present.

Diesel watch, one of the essentials especially among the youth, presents a new design for 2007spring-summer season. Leather belted and 5 ATM waterproof new design has a metal case.

“Valentino” known with its fashion designs, maintains its nobility with watch collections. This magnificent model designed for those who don’t sacrifice from elegance and delicacy will fascinate ladies who adore watches. Dazzling model with its two different belt alternatives formed of white and yellow Swarovski stones would be ladies’ favorite with its absolute smartness at all invitations.

Baume&Mercier has created “ Hampton Square L” model. It is blazing with its feminine nature in its elegant design as well as its large steel case, dynamic view and pink crocodile belt. Baume&Mercier Hampton Square L’s model decorated with brilliant stones is making time impressive with its 32 brilliants and mother-of-pearl colored quadrant.

While Armani Bijoux’ new collection is making difference with its simple and graceful designs, attracting attention by perfect harmony of black and silver on the Emporio Armani logoed cuff links for whom wants to follow trends closely, necklace formed of colored zircon stones like ruby, ametist, garnet is the accessory nominee for women to be classic.

Different points of view is presented in a concrete way now, not only in the symbolical sense... When eye glasses models of Linda Farrow’s new collection show that everyone can look to the world from different points of view this summer. Choices are abundant from pilot models to big squares, from circle formed ones to the nostalgic eyeglasses.

Missoni is meeting summer and spring very colorful, as much as entertaining. Accessory collection with exceedingly original designs is for the youth and the ones who embrace an active life style… Striped belts in pastel tones are matched with smart and lovable caps in the same tones. Necklaces and wristbands with the names of colors prepared in various forms will enable you to feel summer enthusiasm.

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