Innoviate Spirit, Artistic Lines

Innoviate Spirit, Artistic Lines

Ahmet Türkmen Mobilya ve Dekorasyon which has adifferent place in the sector, prepares furniture decorationsevery year. It produces furniture of all kinds. Also, thecompany produced domi-clasic sytle furnitures, modern sytle,minimalze and maksimalize sytle productions. This companyis known with its nice and particular effort, selecting qualitymaterials, innovative designs and stability presents interiordecoration sevice. There are Ahmet Türkmen and his wife AylaTürkmen behind of the accredited image of company. They gave aclose and hearty interview...

What manner furniture and accessories are produced by your company?
We produced domi classic furnitures most of the times, but for 2-3 years, we have been producing modern, minimal, maximal style productions. Because people get bored in time and tend to new trends so, we should follow up actual trends. People want to buy furniture which remove tehir stress and fatigue.

What is your distinguishing features?
We differ from other companies; our designs are flexible, we have got the possibility of changing the dimensons of the designs according to customer’s present project... Matership, design and materials are high quality. Our technology is the newest technology. Appearance don’t help you to understand the quality reliability of company is important. Our furnitures are used for a long time, they do not want to throw away our productions. This position shows quality of our productions.

What are the contents of your 2007 collections?
We prepared our 2007 collection with a innovative spirit and artistic feelings. In the products of this year, the pores of the wood are seen, we use more natural varnish, mostly silver gild, and as for the fabrics, black, silver, brown, pink and dansom colour dominate, while velvet, silk and tafeta are used mostly.

The varieties in your models is attracting attention. It is very hard to work with such a wide range of producted?
Yes, we have a wide range. We work hard with our team architects of architects and designers. We become very happy and we forget all of our fatigue when our customers speak highly of our productions.

What kind of productions are attracting attention abroad? Do you make a comparison?
Generaly, we export heavy domi-classics and gilded productions.Gilt sofas are on the top of our selling. Sytles show difference, itis up to customer’s pleasure, someone prefer simple one, whileothers prefer too brilliant things in Turkey. Our duty is to givewhat they want in the best way.

Do you make decoration for house, hotel and office furniture?
Yes. Generally, we make turnkey decorations projects. We alsomake special products for customers and projects.

Can you give customer profile informations?
Every customer type is our target. Because productions belong to us. But generally we have got customers which are members of high society.

What are you think about furniture sector in Turkey?
In Turkey, furniture sector is in a rapid success for last years.But we need government support. We formed an associationnamed MOBSAD to indicate the problems of furniture sector.I’m board member of MOBSAD. Most quality furnitures areproduced in Turkey, but marketing our furniture run up againsta lot of difficulties. By MOBSAD and similar associations, furniture will get what it deserves. We export our products to Azerbaijan, Greece,Turkmenistan and Iran.

Do you give your company image is a guarantee ?
So far, customers had to trust furniture companies. But ourfirst principle is reliability. Delivery in time to sell the certainproduct they saw, and helping customer in their all problemswith the furniture are very important issues for us. We areworking for giving guarantee bond by MOBSAD members.Thus, the customer can buy products with full faith and creditand they can file complaint to legal authorities.

Do you think to open a store abroad?
Yes. We got offers about this issues.

You have worked with your wife for benefits of the company. What do you think about the assistance of your wife?
I share the concept and management of our store with my wife. She is highbrow and careful in selecting colours, this condition provides a lot of benefits for our business. We go to fairs and we research together.

As a family owned business, will your children maintain your business?
Yes, a very strong generation fallows us. My daughter Tuğba isa student of business administration, my son Burak is a studentof art design. In 4-5 years, my children will take over theassignment.

The company which was opened by Ömer Türkmen in 1969 in Çağlayan(İstanbul), Ahmet Türkmen took over the management from his father in1981, He opened the first showroom which was named TM design in 1999.This showroom performed the duty of every decoration business, andaccessories of kitchen, bathroom, furniture existed in this showroom. Nameof the company was changed as’’ Ahmet Türkmen Mobilya Dekorasyon ‘’Ahmet Türkmen’s new collection has colours from brown to needle, everycolours of nature exist in this collection. Up until now, Ahmet Türkmenvaries a lot of places as much as possible, in addition he is an furnitureexporter.

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