Peculiar Pecipes From Young Chef

Peculiar Pecipes From Young Chef

Lucca, maintaining its popularity since established in Bebek, in open, simple, elegant environment with its Mediterrean-American foods, gave us its three special recipes this month. The in restaurant, where you can snack and talk to friends with pleasure at any time of day, has a wide range of menu from breakfast, variable salads, to main dishes and patisserie products. For night encounters American and Italian Kitchen foods special to Lucca. Favourite dishes are Spinach Sauced Pose Sea Bass,  Roquefort cheese Sauced Fillet, Pappardelle with Duck, Porcini Mushroom Sauced Lucca Burger. If you want Appetizers & Tapas, Pane Shrimp, Shrimp Stuffed, Teriyaki sauced Octopus are some of choices. Lucca, with various salads, lasagna, macaronis, cocktails, local and foreign wine types, was chosen as The Best Bar at Time Out İstanbul / Miller Eating and Drinking Awards. Lucca, presenting everything to have a time by eating in a warm and cozy atmosphere with its different tastes, is exceedingly deserve its popularity.

6 piece of canned artichoke
60 grams grated parmesan
2 pieces of dried tomatoes A clove of garlic
2 table spoon olive oil
1 table spoon orange juice
1 table spoon lemon water
Salt and black pepper

Cook artichokes with a little olive oil and some water in a covered saucepan in low degree in oven. Prepare sauce by shaking olive oil, lemon and orange juice. Marine artichokes with this sauce. Service by dividing the plate into two parts and by adding parmesan and tomatos on artichokes.

DRUNK BEEF (For 1 Person)
200 grams beef
For sauce:
2 pieces of purple onion
A glass of red wine
A dessert spoon of dark sugar
2 slices of eggplant
2 slices of marrow
2 slices of colored pepper
2 units of middle sized potatos
For Puree:
2 potatos
A dessert spoon of butter
1/2 tea glass of milk
1/4 tea glass of nutmeg
1/2 tea spoon of salt

Cook beef on grill at the degree as you want. Cook the vegetables on the grill. Slice the onions as apple slices and caremelize with dark sugar. Add red wine, cook at low heat fill shrinking. Boil potatos in a saucepan, filter and blender. Mix with putting nutmeg, milk, butter, grated parmesan and salt and make puree (if it is still solid add some milk). Place beef, vegetable and puree on the plate as three points. Pour the sauce on the beef and service by figuring with one branch fresh oregano.

TİRAMİSU (For 4 Person)
250 grams cream
125 grams maskarpone
50 grams granulated sugar
16 pieces of savoiardi biscuits
4 cups espresso

Thicken maskarpone, cream and granulated sugar by whisking. Dip savoiardi biscuits into espresso and put on the plate. Add mixture on the biscuits and repeat this operation two times. Lastly, service by spattering cacao on it.

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