The Name Of Body Reconstruction: HIPOXY

The Name Of Body Reconstruction: HIPOXY

We take care of our face and skin for six months of the year. Yet, when the spring comes, we generally focus on our genetical heritage, “overweights” integrated into our body together with cellulites. LPG, Starvac, Lipolize, Mezotherapy, carboxitherapy, which one? All the difficulty is here to define the problem and get rid of it through guidance of a specialist. There is another healthy way to get rid of horrible weights, Hypoxy…. It has been applied for years in world, although it is new for us here. This therapy is done in 12 sessions in Memorial Beauty Center, Hypoxy therapies are also done in Sapanca Richmond Hotel Nua Welness Spa from time to time. Metabolism starts to run with this mechanical and effortless solution for partial slimming of which every process is controlled by doctors. In our interview with Dr. Seran Göçer, specialized in the methods of slimming in Memorial Beauty Center, we approached phenomenon of body reconstruction from a wide perspective and learned Hypoxy therapy step by step!

1 Reaching normal weight: “As you all know, the first formula to solve weight problem is balanced nutrition, diets and exercises. Right and healthy nutrition programs must be applied, necessary nutritions must be taken in required times, undesired foods must be taken under control,” says Dr. Seran Göçer! However, even if we comply with the diets and make lots of exercises, it’s hard to lose weight from the part we want. In our men and our masculine typed women (Apple), belly parts have overweight, our Mediteranian women have (pear) hips, hiplines and upper legs are fatter. Partial overweight can’t be losen with diets, even if you lose weight from every part of your body, wieght loss in hot spot is very little.

2 Impact of exercises: All the cells of our body use blood sugar. Yet, when you exercise, muscles use fat acids in the body as fuel. It means that only muscle cells use the fats as fuel in your body to gain energy. If there is a circulation problem around hipline, then fat acid is taken from chest, cheeks and arms.

3 If you have cellulite… If partial weights are accompanied with cellulite, the problem is related to superficial micro circulations around the fat tissues inside the skin. If the circulation is problematic, the clear blood (oxygened blood) comes to that area less, the metabolism gets slower in fat cells. When oxygened blood is inadequate fat acids that moves to muscles are also inadequate. Then, the person gets thinner because he/she burns fat from face, arms and chest. The face sags, but there is no movement in lower parts.

4 Combination of exercise and vacuum therapy, Hipoxy: There are four machines developed for partial slimming. In each session, two or three machines are used. “Generally your doctor select the machines based on your hot spots, but age and anatomy also have importance in this selection. Hypoxy, is a combination of execise and therapy, because we take the hot spot into vacuumed area” says Dr. Göçer. Fort his, special clothes furnished with vacuums are used. Vacuums pulls and pushes the tissues and makes the circulation relieved and alerted. So your muscles uses fat acids from these parts.

5 And the application... Atmosphere and machines are quite nice! The first step of Hypoxy “Dermology” is a special clothes with vacuums over 400 starting from under the breasts and going to the ankles, it covers your body to the neck. Pulling and pushing movement of these vacuums relieves the fat tissue under skin like a massage, blood circulation carrying nutrient and oxygen is revived, skin gets smoother and partial slimming occurs due to the fact that fats in certain part are used. You lie down for 20 minutes comfortably in this step. In the second step, you pedal reclining or sitting in a capsule covering just under the waist. Hypoxy is applied three times in a week, as programs of 12 seances. Our body needs this time to burn fats as much as we want. You cannot burn 1 kg fat in a week, alone. Your cells’ capacity to burn fat is limited. If there is a weight problem, some diet program is also applied. Hypoxy aims partial slimming of 1-1,5 cm or burning fat from the hot spot equivalent to 1 kg. Since you get slimmer through the way of burning fat, this is a permanent slimming and a striking result when we consider that 3 cm lower the size.

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