Representative Of Modern Woman: Elettra

Representative Of Modern Woman: Elettra

Elettra, who was born in New York, is the daughter of Isabella Rosselini belonging to Italian and Scandinavian roots, and German Jonathan Wiedemann. The reason for Elettra being assessed as a unique face of Lancôme depends on these different roots. Elettra, besides her career as a model, studies politics and history at University of Manhattan and actually she never planned to become a model like her mother. However she stepped to models world first time in Vogue German when she was 15 by the advice of one of family friends, in subsequent years her photographs were published in many magazines. Rosellini, worked with many famous photographers like Bruce Weber, Nathaniel Goldberg, Pamela Hanson, Robert Erdmann, Ellen von Unwerth and Fabdizzio Feri and took place in catalogues and advertisement of Salvatore Ferragamo, Bill Blass, Catherine Malandrino.

Elettra, who worked as a volunteer at world-famous elephant protecting association in Africa after participating Lancôme shots in summer months 2006, is shown as a very good representative of present day modern woman. Rossellini who studies in the time remaining from model, makes sport and yoga galore to keep her form. She is defined as “ Very clever, active and open minded” by her near surroundings. Social problems, art, science and protecting environment are the topics that always keep her mind busy.

The effulgent brown hair of Rossellini Wiedemann reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn hereafter will take place in many advertisements. First advertisements of Rossellini started to take place in Asia in 2006, and in whole world by 2007. Odile Roujol, the head manager of Lancôme specifying that Elettra living in New York likes travelling to Paris continuously, says that “ Actually listening her for a while, you can comfortably see the contribution of her delicacy, intelligence and positivity to Lancôme women’s point of view” Elletra explained everything about herself truly, she is one of modern young and most popular women of this year.

Do you fear from aging? Do you try to do anythings for delaying senility?
No, aging is a part of life, human grows up and grows old. It important that you should live everything on time and excellently. My grandmother and mother taught me this. I hope as I am getting older, I will understand the value this principle and instead of fighting with aging, I can live experience of time.

How do you keep beautiful and healthy look of your skin all day long?
Maybe the important point is to clean your make up surely every night… You must not sleep without putting off your make up. By this way you will get up with a healthy skin every morning. If you are working intensively, a good humidifier will make you feel much more better.

Can you give us some beauty advices?
The least is the best… I believe that excessive make-up destroys beauty. Beside this, i like washing my face with very hot and very cold water in turn. I use protecting effective face cream in day time, and night cream before going to bed.

How are you protecting your form?
I like riding bycle, playing volleyball and running very much. I adore walking in Newyork. I walk to everywhere. If I get an opportunity from school and job, I do fitness with my private trainer and I am working the weight. I used to consume things with sugar more, but in recent times I have started to prefer food with salt. I do not like coffee as much in the past, I have tried to avoid products with carbohydrate, I try to consume fish, fruits, vegetables and water.

How do you describe beauty? Which kind of peculiarities a beautiful woman must have?
In my opinion, there is not only one description of beauty. I think, the beauty is how do you feel yourself and self confidence. That is, the better you fell yourself it is reflected to other people.I think, pretty woman is who can set up balance of many things. This woman has a successful career, pretty family life and different hobbies. One can set up balance many things and can reserve time to yourself.

According to you, what are the important character peculiarities for a human being?
Politeness, sense of humor, a soul which likes adventure, being liberal...

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