Spring Time Beauty...

Spring Time Beauty...

Once, it was one of the indispensable TV series with beautiful women in elegant clothes: Dallas. Parading in our screens as if they are in a fashion display, these elegant women and their undertone lipsticks used to be a part of our life. When I see undertone lipsticks well-matched with the complexion, makeup style of those years came to my mind. The imporance of glittering in our beauty gradually increased in 1990s, we met lipglosses and liked glitters everywhere day by day: On lipsticks, eye shadows, where we wanted on our face, when wearing low-necked...We started to shine from head to foot in 2000s, lips gleamed with diamond-like reflections and low-cut revealings dazzled as if they were polished. Yet, since difference is the new beauty trend, makeup palettes were never so rich with both bright, glittering colors and undertones.

The Body Shop makeup palette offers a variety of alternatives for you to look as you like in any time the day.

Color Ideal: Foundation cream by Lancôme, capturing natural quality with ligth texture and color pigments.

Lancôme anti-aging Renergie Lift Duo Concealer’s, makes your eyes look younger by lifting effect and illuminating around the eyes.

Foundations will be the star product of your makeup. Choice is very important and new generation foundation creams are so ingenious: Their feeling is delicate, they conceal wrinkles with reflecting particulars, protect the skin against sunlight, moisten and enliven your skin.

Lancôme’s new foundation, Color Ideal reingrate into your skin and capture the natural look owing to patented color pigments. Providing a silky smoothness, this foundation consists of SPF 15 protection factor. New innovation by Lancôme, concealer for eyes with lifting effect, Renergie Lift Duo Concealer hides all the defects under the eyes with the silicone-based foam filling the fine wrinkles on one end, and a brush to cover dark shades on the other end. Sisley’s new product Phyto-Teint Eclat offers the comfort of skin care every morning while making your skin to look smooth with the natural shine of satin. Creating perfection by silicone polymers, La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation SPF 15 addressed both the eyes and emotions. Newest technologies provides the product with a feeling of luxury, ease of application, balanced color distribution and permanence of color. Chanel’s fluid foundation Teint Innovent SPF 12 protects the skin against time and outer factors, providing freshness and shining of baby’s skin with vitamin F, E and B5. Teint Eclat undertone foundation cream by Clarins make your skin shine and look natural, catching the undertones.

Yves Saint Laurent created its first foundation with a brush, Perfect Touch, having a wide range of color matching with Asian, Caucasian skins or both dark and ligth skins. This practical foundation also creates a natural and shining skin without flashing. Another foundation which avoids flashes with its light texture is True Match by L’Oreal Paris. In the makeup palette of The Body Shop, we find lustreless creams as well as glittering products. Foundation SPF 15 has a light and lustreless fibre, humidifier and it protects the skin against UV lights. Foam texture foundation fo Clinique, Skin Smoother Pore Minimizer is for oily skins and semi-oily skins. Powder particulars functioning as a sponge absorb the sebum and cover the pores. Biotherm foundation alternatives provide you with the possibility to make difference: Soft as powder Finish, foam foundation catching undertones Matte Souffle, lustreless Sense Matte for mixed and oily skins, Sense Aquaradianc, reintegrating into the skin, and light shining foundation Light.

Lancôme reflects the beauty of angels onto your face with its spring makeup palette Pop Cherub. Novelty of the palette is Pandora’s chest where you can find five glittering intermediate colors.

Chanel, taking glittering lipsitcks, rouges and lipglosses into its palette, offers an amazing triad eye shadow: Lum,iere D’Artifices... Golden, silver and coal sequins are side by side in an elegant box.


Eyes have great importance in spring time makeup. Color options of eye shadows by cosmetics brands support this claim....In the collections of famous brands, you can find all kinds of colors such as green, purple, yellow, mauve, fuchsia, turquoise, golden, lamé within various tones. Intermediate tones and shiny colors in makeup palettes are so nice that even it is enough to shadow your eyes with your fingers for drawing attention to your looks. Although eyebrows seems to be erased in some fashion displays, they are emphasized again in makeup presentations. The eyes are framed with soft pencils and clarified with dark shades as if carried the signs of 1960s. Eyelashes are longer, fuller and curlier! So makeup pencils and eye-liners came back to the makeup bags again.

Pencils seem to be indispensable this year. In order to create a misty look, you can draw a line under your lashes with a black or brown pen and then disperse this line a little with your finger. Yet, recently, eye-liners are coming back. To make your eyes look bigger, you can use your eye-liner to draw a line thickening towards the temples. All of these means that every women can higlight their own beauties. Your makeup can reflect your difference, instead of imitating the imposed techniques of makeup. With a different makeup for various times of day in accordance with the environment you are in, you can create different beauties: A natural beauty with shiny or pastel tones, cheerful beauty with glittering colors, natural and romantic beauty with brown and beige tones, sophisticated beauty with black eye pencil and red lipstick. All the colors, textures and accessories with diverse alternatives are at your disposal.

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