Perfume and Beyond...

Perfume and Beyond...

The perfumes, which are  mostly voice of our emotions, also tell about our identity, sometimes a perfume breeze takes us to the past, to people we love. Perfumes, making our soul happy while permeating to our body, wrap us from top to bottom with other body products.

1. Este Lauder is permeating Youth Dew Amber Nude’s charming notes to your skin with Sensual Body Creme and Sensual Body Oil added to series after bath gel and body lotion.

2. Ambre, carrying Baldessarini signature, mixing in apple, mandarin orange, is warming up with floral and skin chords after catching masclunity in its opening with Scotch chord, and making its final with woody chords and amber core.

3. The magnificent love bouquet that Cacharel is presenting to women: Amor Amor, now it turned to be a much more sexy potion by warming up with oriental chords, Amor Amor Elixir Passion!

4. Soir de Lune, the new woman perfume of Sisley, reflects romanticism to you with a gracious nobleness by meeting slowly crystalline, fruity, flowery chords with your skin.

5. Azzaro composed aromatic smell Silver Black for a gracious and strong man… Chords are also permeating into skin with bath series of smell decorated by fruity, fresh and bright chords.

6. Oriental composition of Chanel that decorated with flowery and fruity chords, Allure Sensuelle is permeating charming chords into your whole body with bath gel, body cream and deodorant.

7. Burberry London For Men is a priveleged smell with bergamot, black pepper, aromatic lavender and cinnamon in upper chords; mimosa, leather, and vine chords in heart chords, finally tobacco leaves, Guaiac plant, oak algae.

8. The most classy woman scent of Bvlgari Rose Essentielle is incredibly sensual, Prelude rose, Ottoman rose and sambac jasmine are giving flowery chords, blackberry is giving fruity chords, and violet is giving green chords to smell.

9. Issey Miyake is again inspired from nature and by starting journey from petals with rain drops composed Une Goute Sur un Petale by recomposing cool composition L’Eau d’Issey with green, planty and flowery chords.

10.Jean Paul Gaultier, in his bath series The Power of Two prepared with amber, musk, vanilla chords, is presenting humidifier to women, aftershave to men, and in order to use together bath gel and massage oil.

11. After compositions expressing his creativity, dreams and fantasies, Thierry Mugler have set off from the novel “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind. Basing upon the novel, he bottled up the scents in 15 flagons within a coffre. The coffre also includes a booklet with quotations from the novel and information. About the family of scents.

12. Mugler dreamed a perfume which will make you feel both and warm and poured it into a blue flagon like a sky with stars. This new composition embroidered with oriental notes is a fresh scent like water: Eau de Star.

Source: QPlus 1. issue

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