Women Were Treated As Princesses Until The ''Equality'' Emerged

Women Were Treated As Princesses Until The ''Equality'' Emerged

Nilgün Belgün who comes to the Tv screen with the program called “Hafta İçi Her Gün Nilgün Belgün” in the morning hours on TV 8, deals with the lifestyle of the entertainment world, women’s world and generally life. We have performed a cheery talk with the famous theatre actress after the live broadcast with her marvelous energy.

How did you decide to make a morning program? Is performing a program in every weekday diᬀcult, would you please tell about the preparation process for the program?
I have realized the irregularity and shoddiness in the morning programs and I had wanted to make a program once in a week for a long time. In December, TV8 and our producer came with the proposal of live broadcast in every weekday. I thought that this was a task for me as an actress and it is the time for me to start this business. We have prepared a quality program, which gives importance to health, which is respectful to our values and which welcomes artists who deserve the real value.I woke up at 5 o’clock in the mornings and get prepared until 08:30. Our program continues from 08:30 to 10:00. We perform such a fast and energetic program that we receive calls continuously wanting us to prolong the duration of the program. However one and half hours is a very normal time.

What are the characteristics which you take into consideration related to the guests when you call for them in your program?
Our program is already different from the others with its diᤀerential, quality format, and live broadcast for every day. Besides the very cheery talks, we get ready for a program which has a diᤀerent context for each day. Mondays are our job ᨀnding days so we welcome the mayors. Tuesday is our actuality, magazine and culture and art day. We introduce the theatres, books, exhibitions, ballets and operas as well as astrology. On Wednesdays, we leave the problems and misery aside and make a women’s day, only on Wednesdays we welcome our audience in the studio. Every artist we welcome complains about making a women’s day in the early morning at the beginning, however they leave the program with happiness and satisfaction. On Toursdays, we welcome the experts related to aesthetics, beauty, health and life. And Fridays are very important for me as we welcome some of our real values, our artists.

What kind of a woman, wife and mother is Nilgün Belgün?
I am a ᨀne model of mother who tells the bad and the good very well. While my daughters were in their puberty period I told them the right and the wrong well and I was a correct model for them. My daughters are adults now and they have their own personalities, they give their decisions on their own. My relationship with my children has always been within the framework of love and respect. As a wife, of course since I work outside and get too much tired, I may not be a suitable wife for the husband in our patriarchal society. I am not a kind of woman who welcomes her husband at the door and can be a slave for her husband. I am the one who always supports her husband, who can be his friend and who can share the life very well with him. Every person has a diᤀerent deᨀnition for a spouse; if the desired things are a whole life togetherness, to take the way together, to face the diᔀculties of life together, to entertain, to look at the life from the same perspective and a sharing, then I am a ᨀne wife. I am a ᨀne housewife, I am very captious and a neat woman. I may be a little bit someone who does whatever she wants but what I want is almost always cleaning and hygiene. I am a tidy and scheduled person. In my density tempo, the tidiness in my house and in my team are necessary for me.

Do you think the women and men are equal?
I don’t believe to think men and women separately, I believe in human being. Men and women have different qualifications, a woman should be like a woman and the man like a man. I want to raice a diffrent point concerning equality. In the past when an occasion was held with men, ladies would not pay for any thing, in case such a thing happens the honor of the man would be hurt. The man used to take care of everything; The women were like princesses until this equality stuff emerged. When it is called equality everything degenerated, all the kindness ended and the caring role of the man is over. The woman began to see herself as man. In the past man used to pass at woman, to look into the eyes, to be hand in hands. Now, the men are so large to dare to say “Come and sleep with me”. This equality stuff deteriorated the emotion and pureness a little. The men started to feel more relaxed with the appearance of the world “equality”, and they began to be careless. The equality should only exist when sharing the life respectfully. (Furthermore, I am not a woman who cawhen sharing life respectfully. (Furthermore, I’m not a woman who can go under the control of a man.)

What has changed in the definition of love from the past to today?
There are people who are faithful to their love and living the love actually. However, the definition of love today is in a form such as “I cannot tell how I fell in love with him last night, I was dying, and that was a wonderful night”. But when you ask “Then where is he at the moment?”, the answer comes as “I do not know”. The definition of love began to be one nightstand loves; this is not the love, this is only the sex for one night. Love is a long-standing accumulation of emotions, which affects the couples from deep inside when it hurts them, when it makes them happy and when it makes them full of emotions. In short, love is a deep feeling however, the loves today are very shallow so I think that the love is under the feet. Only the people who never lose certain values live the love. I never came together with anyone without the existence of love and self-confidence in my life. Love also has steps in itself. I experienced many kind of different loves some of which were very intensive, made me happy, hurt me, and damaged me.

What do you expect to find in a man to fall in love?
I do not have any expectations; the man should have no complexities to make me fall in love with him. He should be warm and real, successful, humored, and should have a certain career and should be able to hold me well… It is a little difficult, as you see.

What are your plans for the future?
I liked live broadcasting, I receive positive feedbacks it makes me happy to offer people something. I would like to continue live program for a while. Besides these, I want to act on stage which I can never waive from. Next year, I will act in a new role but I did not decide on it yet. This time it is not so necessary that it is a comedy; I would like to take part in a different play.

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