The Secret Happiness Is Hidden In You

The Secret Happiness Is Hidden In You

If you don’t know how to struggle with troubles and you do not make efforts to be happy, then please seek the problem in yourself. We should see the life as a game. Since we play all games according to their rules, we should play it according to its rule. Regard happiness as a game, obey its rules and be happy. Some of the tips that will guide through the way of happiness… Read the text below and start to apply immediately. Don’t forget, “the secret of happiness is hidden in you”.

Appreciate the value of every moment of the life. If you can breath, if your hands and feets functions, above all, this is the greatest happiness. Since life is so sweet and quickly-passing, we only realize the worth of life when we lose one of our important organs or when the beloved ones pass away. Please do not wait to live these bad moments to understand this. Hold on to life tightly. The miracle of life God granted us starts from the moment the fetus formed in its mother’s womb. From the very first second it opens its eyes with closed hands and a small heart, the struggle of life continues... Little baby is so devoted to life that it overcomes all the troubles on its way and challenges the big world. Even with its minimal size, it enslavens all of the family. Without speech, it imposes its demands, express complaints and forces people to find remedies. In short, God does not give problems without a solution (except death). Now cancer patients can even overcome cancer. On the condition that not getting tired of life. It is true that cancer disease is an indicator and sign of a moment the person got tired of life. It appears in our body in those moments, but overcoming it is again in our hands. If we keep holding on tightly to the life and be deteremined to move on, if we can aslo put this idea into practice (including medical things that has to be done), in my opinion life would become more bearable. Do not forget; LIFE IS WORTH TO LIVE WITH ITS EVERY MOMENT AND IF YOU APPRECIATE THIS, YOU ARE VERY CLOSE TO HAPPINESS.

Make the choices in your life with your self-knowledge. Do not forget that it is our own choices which lead our lives. Rather than complaining that you haven’t got the same chances after looking what other people do or have, turn to yourself and look for a while and think why you don’t have the same chance. Everybody thinks that he/she is very good. But always luck smiles at other people and he/she always complains that he/she is unlucky. In fact the person creates his/her chance. If a person does not have the skill and light to be an artist, it is inessential to force his/herself in this field. Anyhow, there is a field that he/she can be successful. And if he/she trys his/her luck at those fields, he/she would get more positive results than ever. For instance, today many young girls dreams to be a famous artist, but what does she do except dreaming of this? Firstly she should think, know herself and then determine whether she can do. She should make the necessary investigation and if there are methods that can be used, she should put them into practice. Otherwise, the result is again disappointment, because these have definite rules. These rules have to be put into practice. Before all else, does this young girl have necessary power, capacity, appearance, environment, brain, consciousness? etc. Or when someone planning that “I will be an advertising man” does not have the ability of speaking, the result will be again negative. Being a customer representative means communicating the knowledge of the subject, you have to convince people to buy or use your product. It is impossible for a timid and shy person who can’t speak fluently to go into a job like this. Everbody’s dream is to be rich. Let’s think for a while how these rich people become rich or how they live! Could you bear these things? Do you have that education or do you take those risks? Or do you know those difficulties undergone? In short, if you also challenge those difficulties in the way you choose and pay those costs, you may have those opportunities. Just make your choices right and know yourself. You shouldn’t lend youself to pipe dreams, you should try to know yourself, choose the things you can do, providing the necessary equipment (necessary education, environment, status, etc.)… If people define their limits, believe in their peculiar abilities and be determined to proceed in the way they choose, the result is happiness.

Accept the people as actually they are. You should never forget that every person has his/her own personality and own truth. If people have habits that we don’t like, ignoring these will make you feel better than acquiring these as a worry to yourself. Moreover, something we find wrong can be right for another one. Everybody’s truth is for his/herself. Nobody has to share the same opinions with the others. If you are annoyed at someone, leave this moment there and try to forgive them. Forgiving in fact means earning new people. If you forgive them, the fault will remain just a fault of that person and one day he/she will be ashamed of the thing he/she has done. Let them think the thing they have done. You should think other things. Nothing is worth than your time. Why would you waste your very valuable time for worrying. IT IS A WASTE OF TIME TO TRY TO CHANGE PEOPLE. OUR TIME IS VERY PRECIOUS, LEAVE TACKLING WITH THEM TO OTHER PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO.

Always love. Love, love, again love. Love the flowers, love a person you have seen in the street, love a stone, love a bird, love a dog, love a cat. Look everything with love. Love everything from heart including the breath you take and express your love. Do not hide your love, show it. The person who loves is loved, but firstly love yourself. In a place where there is love, there is not expediency and malice. Never underestimate the power of love. Love is the key to open the door of happiness. A person who does not love can not be happy. A person without love is a person who does not know to share.

Do favours for people. Yes, do it but forget it. Kindness with an expectation of repay is not deemed as kindness and this makes you unhappy. Because if the person does not fulfill your expectation, you will be disappointed and go through annoyance. Is this necessary? Do not think the compensation of your kindness. Always do favours to the extent of your power. Believe, being kind to other poeple, you will feel a joy that may not be lived by spending lots of money maybe. The smile of a person you made happy, eyes full of thanks, a touch, or a prayer… Is there anything more precious than this? If you once tasted this feeling in your life, you cannot give it up, be sure. Do not forget, happiness increases as it is shared.

Know your value. If you don’t esteem yourself, others will not at all esteem you. As much as you respect yourself, the other person will respect you. Do not forget that every creature has a mission in this world. We are one of these creatures. And our greatest mission is to appreciate this soul given to us. We could have come to this world as an insect or a worm or a daisy… But thanks we are human. At least we have the liberty to do many things. That is a very good reason for you to be happy…

Always be respectful. We should respect all living or non-living creatures we see. Respect people whether they are old or younger is firstly an indicator of our self-respect Do not forget, all the respect you show will put your life into ease. A little child would respond very nice when he/she feels he/she is respected that you become surprised… He/she shows his admiration about you without talking, by his/her facial expression or passing his/her toy to you. You should feel and live this anyhow. It is such a nice feeling that, it is another good reason for you to be happy…

Do not run after the chances you have missed. Do not forget that every chance you miss creates another new chance. Rather than looking back and complaining, it is essential to evaluate new opportunities. Do not cry for the past one. Do not search the back side of the ones those are lost, torn out, broken. Always a new comer exists afterthe one that has gone. Did anyone leave you? Let them go, consider them lost. Believe me if he/she has hurt you, one day another one will hurt him/her. Say to yourself that in every situation there is a good thing and look at the situation in a positive manner. Is a glass that you like very much broken? Don’t worry, go and get a new one. It has already been worn out, come out of fashion, in addition its colour has bored you. That is a reason for change for you. Isn’t it worth to become unhappy? Especially when you have a reason to be happy…

When talking with people look into their eyes. Never avoid their eyes. Eyes never tell lies. Eyes provides the purest and the most sincere flow of communication. You can easily realize how they esteem you in their looks. Even songs have been written in the history for this... Spread light, happiness with your eyes so that people will look at you. Everbody likes to be looked and admired. That is another reason for you to be happy.

Share others’ happiness, give yourself a place there trying to be happy with their happiness. If you could achieve this, remember you would be very happy. If good things always happen to you, only you, there is no meaning of happiness. Sometimes when you listen to someone else’s happiness, say “what a nice…” and share, enjoy the pleasure of this.

Never compare your success with others. If you talk someone more successful than you are, observe their success and how they achieved this, try to understand their experiences instead of comparing yourself. Take them as an example. This will make you more successful.

Behave as you are. Let people love you as you are. Don’t make them unhappy by deceiving either them and yourself. If you don’t behave as you are in order to achieve something, first of all, it means that you are tricking yourself and you are left alone. You could think that you deceive people you are talking, for a short time thereupon by behaving in the way you aren’t in fact. But you are certainly mistaken. They never believe. They only act as they believe, for this is what they want. In fact the only one deceived is you. This case is like that you are wearing a shirt not belonging to you. You suppose that it is nice but it isn’t in fact. But let people love or embrace you as you are. Is there any greater happiness than it? If they don’t accept you as you are, don’t fret on the issue, let them go. That means that they don’t deserve you.This way of thinking brings you happiness.

Trust your inner energy. Listen to your inner voice. Never forget that everyone has an inner power. What is important is to trust this. Believe and desire. When your inner voice is met with the power of your love, believe that this will bring you an excellent life, health, jobs and wealth, so wait for them. But you have to smile when you meet negative conditions. Namely pink glasses... You will say how? If you don’t do that what will change? Everything will be worse and you will be unhappy. But when you try the pink glasses you will have the chance to change your lifestyle. Believe that you can do this and do this believing your ability. Consider yourself at the top and believe this and improve yourself, keep going towards your target.

Try to spend your time with people you like most. No matter how short it is, spare time for them surely. Don’t wait to be happy. If you do, it won’t come. If you make your moment more enjoyable, you will already be happy. For this, try to do something you like with the people you love. Don’t forget that love can overcome everything. Spend your 10 minutes with people you like than spending your whole time with people you don’t like, believe that this will make your view of life more positive.

Esteem the people you talk no matter who they are. (A child, a begger you came across, an aged person, a dog, a cat, all creatures etc.), they have their own characteristics and personality, if you esteem them, you will be esteemed. The people whom you made happy spiritually will make you happy, too. Think the reflection of the light. Every given beauty by you will return you as beauty. If you don’t wish harm, return yourself, first of all, you shouldn’t be bad. No one is stupid or helpless. There are a lot of people who regard others as stupid or helpless and so they don’t respect them, for that reason they themselves are in the position of stupid or helpless. Everybody is clever for themselves and everybody has an idea of themselves. Criticising isn’t the thing we should do, the important thing is to accept people as they are. Happiness is in your hands when you consider the events like this and esteem all living creatures..

Don’t hesitate to say always “I’m fine”. Whatever human beings do believe, they feel like that. Remember, thinking positively makes the life easier. If you stand up by inspiring yourself as “I’m very well” while you are seiously ill, you recover fast. You see people complaining as “I have always a headache”. In fact these people makes themselves ill because of the habit of using this expression. A person who has really a headache sees a doctor, takes his medicine and the headache disappears. Cronical headaches (if there is not any clinical explanation) is a kind of disease which people create themselves. Because they believe it is so. Also, unhappiness is contagious. If you are seen happy, distribute happiness, so pleasure is always transmitted to you.

Always thank God, be happy. Everyday think about people who are in a worse situation than you. You should be happy by thinking that you are in a beter condition. When you economic situation is not so good, you can thank for that there is not any problem with your organs and your health is fine. This is a valid reason for your happiness. It wouldn’t be better if you have so much money but you can’t spend it due to your illness. Imagine you are dependent on an inhalator but you have so much money. What’s the point now? Think hungry people in Africa. Think these and thank God. Thank God for you have a lot of reasons to be happy. Think about converse of everything and be happy for you are not like that.

Do yourself a favour today. When you start the day by the time you get up, look yourself in the mirror with pleasure. Promise yourself that today will be a good day by trying to see your face’s beautiful sides and repeat often “today is a good day” during the day. See the negativities as positivities, you will recognize how you are happy. Smile always. Think always nice things. Try to see the life with its good sides. You will say when I have so many problems, how can I smile? Then we imagine you didn’t smile and you sulked. Will your problems disappear? Of course not. Believe only if you smile, you will see that your problem disappear and you will hold on life tightly. Try, what will you lose?

Work, work, work… Do never think not to work. Working is not only for salary in a job. Our ancestors say “working iron would shine” and it’s absolutely true. To be active and the idea to have something to do in daytime when you get up will give you a great pleasure. To do always something is better than not to do anything. It doesn’t matter whatever it is. If you do not have anything to do, become a member to a charity. You would become a light for someone who needs help, at least. Believe that this feeling will make you happier. Remember people who have nothing to do make unhappiness inseperable from themselves. Consider that there are people who think about you. If you adopt the principles above, believe that there will be a lot of people who think about you and love you. As long as you know these, you will hang on life tighter and add happiness to your happiness. Because the most important happiness in life is something or someone waiting for you. Don’t forget…

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