Fine And Durable

Fine And Durable

This collection which can be summarized as a brand new glass composition, both fine and durable, real crystal with its glittering and wash-proof for 2000 times in the dishwasher is a new series resulted from innovative approach of the company and R&D activities in glass. A special chemical composition and new technical qualities on automatic shaping have been developed for f & d products. These characteristics have contributed to the refinement and elegance of the products as well as increasing durability. f&d is wash-proof for 2000 times in the dishwasher… Their technical characteristics provide an impressive glitter, perfect surface quality and clarity as well as different and superior tone for the f&d products.

A careful design period has been experienced for the f&d product group to include convenience and elegance together in designs. While the product range was being formed, contemporary designs with plain and simple lines were included right alongside traditional and classical lines. Among the quality products contributing to the pleasure of drinking both at home and outside, there is more than 130 products in the three categories as wine glasses and glasses, ornaments and decorative products and hand- made accessories. From tea glasses to syrup glasses, from raki to beer, from wine to champaign, from martini to brandy, from margarita to whiskey glasses, smart designs are developed appropriate for all kinds of taste and appreciation. Furthermore, additional studies have been carried out in order to develop existing information accumulation in all beverage sorts, product forms which helps to feel the taste of drink, increasing the aspiration of repeating the experience.

Alternative presentations are prepared with different lines in all kinds of wine, champaign and aperitifs. Furthermore, a complete presentation has been provided related to complementary products such as hand-made wine carafes, decanters, cigar ashtrays for the stylish tables and beverage service. As the f&d is formed by considering small details for the lovers of the wine culture, the collection presents a wide portfolio of product for the appreciation of consumers, from enlarged wine glasses to cigar ashtrays and carafes, smart cups and fruit bowls, pleasurable sugar bowls with new, showy and different designs. Together with these wine glasses which addresses all admirations and cultures, f&d has included traditional syrup, raki and tea glasses which is a part of our culture in the collection with a new consideration.

Source: QPlus 1. issue

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