Life Is A Gift And Needs To Be Appreciated!

Life Is A Gift And Needs To Be Appreciated!

Feryal Gulman, the wife of Kemal Gulman, the famous bussiness man is active in bussiness world as the CEO of Gulman Group, while recognized to be the indispensible name of special parties. Feryal Gulman, always with a calm, harmonical, classical and neat portrait hosted us in her house in Bebek, among the most beautiful regions around the Bosphorus.

You are among the most active names in social life. Also a successful bussiness woman. What was your carreer planning at the beginning and are you immaterially satisfied with your current position? Or, has your carreer plan been directed by what life brought?
While everything in my life was going as planned, marriage changed all my carreer plans. Because, I was at the head of TOKI (Collective Residence Administration) at the age of 25, which was the center of a really serious carreer for me, and I decided to get married. And I transferred to a rather different position and point of view in the family company than professional life all of a sudden. And this is how what life brought directed my carreer. I am sometimes immaterially satisfied, however, as I grew up as a real professional, I sometimes have different points of view than my husband.

What are your targets in the bussiness world?
We are currently in the middle of a global crisis. We are aware of the inertia, especially in the construction industry. However, we are trying to keep up with targets after the crisis and plans before the crisis. Decrease of the construction costs is an advantage for those who do not have any capital or credit related problems. Because, we believe we may enjoy this period providing opportunities of employment in the most appropriate manner.

You are the CEO of Gulman Group. Can we call you to be the greatest assistant of Mr. Kemal in bussiness life? Do you have a working arrangement clear with professional limits?
I sometimes think we are two of a kind. We are always together, both in private life and bussiness life. I believe to be stronger in this manner. We had a working arrangement clear with professional limits, in our first years. And that arrangement still continues. After my brake following birth of my son, I returned with different responsibilities.

What are the cons and pros of cooperating with your husband?
Its pro is to cooperate for a common purpose, as if we two are against the whole world. And its con is to find ourselves talking of bussiness even at special times, which I don’t like..

What are your views about social responsibility projects and solidarity foundations? What are your contributions? Which foundations do you actively work in?
I worked actively for long years. Teyev, the Leukemia Children Foundation, Heart Foundation; however, I know work only in Teyev. I always support all the foundations externally. I appreciate and support all works and volunteers in social responsibility projects. It’s a task requiring a real self-giving and volunteering. I believe the volunteers should be supported in any way possible, especially in developing countries like ours.

How can you be a good mother, a good wife and a good bussiness woman, all at the same time?
I’m not sure if I’m good at all these. This is your appreciation. However, there are many women succeeding in this. Our generation and those following us have been grown in such a manner. I believe the women are talented in organizing in nature. This talent makes women successful in all.

What are your views about anti aging, NLP and sanitary life? Do you have own approaches and methods on these areas?
To tell the truth, I don’t have much information and interest on these areas. I’m not interested anti aging except for the creams. I have always been closely interested in self development methods. Since when I was a teenager, when reading such books was not so trendy, ı always would read thanks to my interest in psychology. I participated in many trainings and seminars in all those years. I always look positive and seeing only the nice side of anything. I believe in the energy of being with positive people. I believe that life is a gift and needs to be appreciated and we need to be careful about our body and health.

Can you shortly tell us of your ordinary day?
I commence the date early. I wake up at 7:30 a.m. After 1 hour of sport, breakfast and shower, I go to office unless ı have an important appointment. At lunch time, I meet a few friends twice a week and get back to the office after a quick lunch. As my son comes back from school at about 6:00 p.m., if I do not have an important meeting at the office, I go home deal with my son’s lessons. Generally, we are out 4-5 times a week in the evening, I leave home at about 8:30 p.m. and like to be back to home at 00:00 a.m. at the latest, because I do not like getting to sleep late as I wake up early in the morning.

Do you have any time for yourself in such a schedule?
I have almost none. A quick lunch with friends is a good change for me. On Saturdays, we eat lunch with our son. I can use Saturday afternoon for shopping or seeing a friend.

What do you do for distressing yourself?
I sometimes walk in the open. This makes me feel good, and I also watch a movie and listen to music. However, none of these distresses me comparable to reading a book. My books and I are like parts of a whole. We never break up! When I have a good book to read, I may spend two days without leaving home and seeing anyone.

What is fashion for you? How do you define your dressing style? Who are your favourite fashion designers?
As we all know, fashion actually is a tool for consumption, however, I should admit that it really is fun. I’m not sure whether it shall be right to describe my style as classical. What would you say? Alexander McQueen, Alber Elbaz, Gianbatista Valli, Naem Khan, Marchesa and of course, Karl Lagerfeld in classical Chanels.

Did you decorate your house yourself? What’s your style in decoration?
I decorated my house together with Kadir Akorak. I love oldies. Living with old goods unbelievably amuses me. We may call it to be blend of classical and modern accessories.

Which part of your house do you love the most and love to be at?
Our garden. I love being in the garden. Istanbul is so beautiful and I enjoy this beauty in the garden, which makes me so happy.

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