There Is No Saturation Point With The Collector

There Is No Saturation Point With The Collector

Turgay Artam, who has a significant store of knowledge with the years of experience on collecting and auctions, is such a straightforward that he could say that the collecting developed in recent years and there had been individuals who had purchased paintings even according to the wall’s color before. We have obtained information regarding the structure of collecting in Turkey, interesting categories and being a collector from Artam, who said that collecting brought a great prestige for the individuals who perform this business.

What is the collecting concept in Turkey?
The collecting has developed within the last 15 years in Turkey. We, as Antik A.Ş., have held artwork and antique auctions for 27 years. At the beginning there were individuals who purchased paintings according to their walls’ color. However it has now changed; 80 percent of the purchasers deliberatively purchase the paintings. Many head for collecting. The wealth of the individuals and the institutions are now measured due to the collection they have or the sponsorship they perform and the museums they open. It brings a great prestige.

Who may be identified as ‘collector’ in Turkey?
There are significant collectors in Turkey; if we would like to list them we would not be able to squeeze them here. The individuals such as the deceased Sevgi Gönül, Sakıp Sabancı, Hüseyin Kocabaş, who devoted their life to collecting, offered important benefits. Today, Suna- İnan Kıraç, Sema- Barbaros Çağa, Erdoğan Demirören, Sevda-Can Ergiz, Nezih Barut, Ender Mermerci, Kaya Turgut, Yunus Büyükkuşoğlu, Cengiz Çetindoğan, Metin Mızraklı, Mustafa Taviloğlu are important families who support and contribute collecting. The collectors have become conscious; they dominate the market and they improve themselves about their field of interest; they know what to purchase; this is very important in my opinion.

Which of the categories draw more interest?
Of course, Turkish paintings, oriental paintings, Ottoman works, particularly tombacs, silvers with sultan’s signature, calligraphy, armories, Beykoz glasses, Sevres vases, European ceramic made for Ottoman, modern Turkish painting in recent years are at the foremost.

Are there legal obligations for being a collector?
In order to be a collector, it requires having collector certificate from the museums only for archeological works collection. The permission is not asked from the museum for the works sold at the auctions.

It brings prestige for individuals and institutions

What kind of a feeling to be a collector? How are the collectors fond of this?
It is a very joyous hobby to be a collector; besides, it requires a great store of knowledge and encourages a person to search. It leads to have information exchange with other collectors. It brings prestige for individuals and institutions. The collectors provide the works to be delivered to the posterity; they functions as a significant bridge. The work is carefully maintained in the collector’s hands.

What are the characteristics of a conscious collector? How a good collection may be created?
You should initially decide to what you collect in order to be a conscious collector? Who purchases everything is a gatherer not a collector. A collector should create the collection by making searches after specifying the subject; use consultants; purchase from reliable places. There is not a saturation point with a good collector. An individual who says that there is no place on the wall for painting anymore may not be called as collector; he/she has purchased the paintings for her/his house’s decoration. A literal collector becomes enthusiastic when a new work, which is not found in his/her collection, appears; and is a person who makes self-sacrifices in order to join it to the collection. Also, the good collectors sometimes organize exhibitions, publish books in order to share their collections; their collections become integrated with the society.

Do you have your own collections?
I have various collections such as a modest painting collection, calligraphy, opera glasses, art in philately, music in philately. My collection hobby is already the commencement of my work.

Could you please tell about the position of collecting in the world of economy? May the collectors be considered as investors?
The collectors may always consider their collections as one of the best means of investment. An antique and artwork that is consciously purchased bring up 400-600 percent profit. It is a sector that never influenced by any crisis. There are many who collect the antique and artworks for the purpose of investment.

Could you please tell us about your new auction?
We have organized 257 auctions up to the date. We distinctly become excited for each of all. We act as intermediary for many old works which are forgotten in houses to be sold in against of the prices according to their merits and accessed to their new owners and maintained better. This makes us happy. We are organizing a special auction on June 7th. It is breathtaking for collectors and who open the museums. It can be viewed on

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