His Store Identifies Him!

His Store Identifies Him!

Atıl Kutoglu, who drew attention with the fashion show he organized at lyceum years, has now been world-famous designer, offering his collections in cities such as Paris, Milan, New York and Vienna, known as the core of fashion. The first store of Kutoglu there is princesses and pop stars among his clients- in Istanbul, Nisantasi attracts attention with its concept. We have an interview with Atıl Kutoglu, who has a heavy schedule nowadays, on his cooperation with Demsa Group, store, new season creations and fashion projects.

How did your cooperation compose with Demsa Group?
Last year, we were working together with ‘Bossa’ Demet Sabancı on cloth. Bossa had been cloth sponsor for some of my fashions in New York. When in the world fashion the mono-brand trend increased, we decided to open new stores together with Demet Hanim and his husband. The first was in Istanbul seemed reasonable because there has been a great interest in my collections from fashion-lovers.

There are men-oriented products among the designs sold in the store, aren’t there?
Yes, there are men-oriented accessory collections in my store in Istanbul – Nisantasi. An actual and modern tie collection as well as scarf, shawl and a leather accessory collection consists of portfolio, purse, cardholder, key holder are offered to our men clients in the store. We have ideal souvenirs for father’s day.

The indoor design of the store is also perfect and its architectural work was performed by Italian architect, Claudio Nardi. Could you please let us know about the decoration and store concept?
This is a ‘flagship store’. It means it is a concept store in which there are collections from A to Z which reflect the character and the style of a designer and a brand. Yes, as a Turkish designer, who represents the Turkish design in the world, in the international platforms, I think I have redemption owe against Turkish fashion-lovers. As a result, we have created this place which is designed by Italian architect Claudio Nardi. In the 170 meter square store, besides very exclusive creations undersigned by Atıl Kurtoglu, there are daily clothes, tricot groups, suits, topcoats etc. at affordable prices. It is possible for anybody to find anything for himself/herself. In addition, we have launched a bag collection consists of sixteen model for women in this store. We have excellently nice bags of snakeskin and normal leather in the different sizes and colors. I have known Claudio Nardi for years. I like his style and the job he performs. Years ago, he designed my first boutique in Vienna. He has an extremely modern and minimalist line. We have worked together for my store in Nisantasi. I wanted to add an image, breathing from Turkish culture to the decoration and the idea to put a motive which reminds an old carpet on the ceiling at the front part came to Claudio’s mind. He is a very famous architect and interior architect who design store concepts of the brand marks such as Dolce Gabbana, Valentino, Luisa via Roma, Malo.

Do you think of enlarging this store concept throughout the world?
Yes, I am aiming to open ‘Atıl Kutoglu’ stores in the metropolitans where my brand recognition is high after accommodating the concept in Istanbul. New York and Vienna are at the top of the list. The global crisis seems to slow us in this development. However, I believe to realize these stores beginning from 2010. In the store of Istanbul, fashion-lover ladies displayed great interest in my brand, product range and accessories. Therefore my confidence for my brand has increased.

Could you please tell us about you price policy and target market of your designs in the store?
We keep our prices lower than the price policy abroad. We have aimed to access a larger mass and we do not want to an inaccessible brand mark in this crisis conditions. There are jersey blouses starting from 250 TL; leather trousers starting from about 700-800 TL; and evening dresses starting from 2 thousand – 3 thousand TL in the collection. Our target market is fashion-lover and elegant women in Turkey. We have clients starting from the ages of 20s to over 50s. Even we have clients under 20. Our store and collection draws attention of qualified foreign tourists who come to Istanbul.

What are there in your product groups in your store?
Our bag collection consists of 16 models and it drew a great attention. The debut model’s name of these bags is ‘Karolina Bag’. I have obtained this name from famous top model Karolina Kurkova with whom I have worked times. We have men and women purses; we have leather accessories such as portfolio, cardholder, keyholder for men; silk scarf, shawl, pashminas for women. I think the accessory collections are very important for such a ‘flagship store’, as a souvenir and providing a brand mark to be recognized larger and more globally.

What are we going to see among your designs in 2009 Summer season?
2009 Spring/Summer collection of mine is as a ‘world tour’... I carried different breathings to my collection. There are ethnic designs, draped skirts, dresses and baggy trousers from Turkey. It is possible to see flounce-blouse and dresses remind Spain and Latin America. I gave a place to the geometric, plain clothes, dresses which remind Middle Europe. There are dinner dresses that I am inspired of Vienna art and artists such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele.

Could you tell me about your fashion show program of this year?
There may be a mini fashion show in Istanbul this summer. Apart from this, we are planning to exhibit our new collection within New York Fashion Week in next September.

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