Vineyard And Wine, Alike Babysitting

Vineyard And Wine, Alike Babysitting

Markus del Monego, having proved his knowledge about wine as the first and the only sommelier who won both titles of World Sommelier Champion and the Master of Wine, have published Corvus Corpus 2005 as the “Wine of the Month” on his website after tasting it, and he commented: “Really a genuine discovery!” Barack Obama, the President of USA, Elizabeth, the Queen of England, and Pope Benedicts the 16th are among the celebrities who tasted and loved Corvus Teneia when they visited Turkey... Here is Reşit Soley and the journey of Corvus …

How was Corvus born?
The most important reason is not to be able to accept what was lost in Bozcaada, which is a part of our lives since 1985. Viniculture of the island is a heritage for us. The purpose of founding Corvus was to pay homage to this heritage and bring back the viniculture of the island. Corvus is a result of our belief that our cultural and local values need to be maintained.

Why Bozcaada?
The reason is Bozcaada itself. Respect for the history of the island, the need to say “stop” before this heritage is lost, but most importantly, the story of the island.

When it comes to good wine... (What is good wine? What are the properties of grapes and vineyards)
Good wine can be subjective, it depends on personal tastes and preferences. But there are some certain properties for good wine throughout the world. Personal tastes do not play a distinctive role there. You may simply not like a globally accepted wine, but that wouldn’t change its value. It just shows your personal taste preference. As in every production process, the quality of the raw material is the most important characteristic to achieve good wine. Quality grapes are the first condition of good wine for us. So, you need to live in the vineyard and observe its development and needs. They say “Vineyard likes the sun, but it likes its owner’s shadow more” in Europe. Type of the soil, weather conditions, your attitude towards the vineyard, pruning techniques, harvest times and the concept of “terroir” determines the identity of the vineyard and the grapes. Operating without ruining this identity and transferring all the tastes of the grape into the wine depends on your accuracy in the production period. You need to put your effort to every phase of it, and you get the results in the bottle. Vineyard and wine are like babysitting. You raise the child as good as your love and effort for him.

What was the effect of Reşit Soley’s Architectural identity on Corvus?
I say, “I guess I’ve become an architect to make wine.” The most important reason why Corvus improved so fast is my intensive and successful architecture experience. Every phase from the planting of the grapes and equipment of the factory to the choice of the bottles and the sentences I make, every phase is a result of exact architecture.

How did the story of international success (awards, export, etc.) develop? We set off to be an example for Bozcaada and to introduce the wines of the island to the world. However, the scale of the island advanced to the scale of Turkey with our very first wines. We invested thinking about the scale of the world. We took the world standards as the criteria for the quality of our vineyard, every phase of the production andpresentation.
And unfortunately, learning the Turkish wine industry was very disappointing, those wines we drank until now houldn’t have been put up for us. The image of “Turkish wine” (if there were any) in the world shouldn’t have been so bad, as we are the homeland of wine with our viticulture. We are preparing for America these days. From what we have learned, we can understand why this image is so bad when we see the list of registered Turkish wines in America. The cheapest wines that stay in the bottom shelves. But why? Our wines are registered as “Appellation Bozcaada” at U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. This is just one of the new grounds Corvus has broken, and we are proud of that. We have also exported to Australia, Germany and Japan. And we believe that Corvus will change the opinion of the world about Turkish wine.

Source: QPlus 2. issue

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