Keeping The First Rank Is Harder Than Coming The First

Keeping The First Rank Is Harder Than Coming The First

Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan, who emphasises that the upbringing style of his family has a great role in her success in business life, is also a nice mother and a wife. Çetindoğan answered our questions related to business world and her private life in our interview.

Would you please tell about your aims about Harvey Nichols?
Mega multibrand shops that have a similar concept with Harvey Nichols are very important for developing countries. Primarily, they have the ability to bring world fashion to people with all of its substantiality. It also gives a message to tourists that come to our country about very important concepts such as the investment power of Turkey, the attention Turkey pays to fashion, purchasing power and luxurous consumption awareness. We should also consider that the leading brands of the world rely on our country. Surely, we bought Harvey Nichols, for that it is very harmonious with our investment philosophy and enhancement aims. But the second reason of this investment which is as crucial as commerce is the liability I have just mentioned. When all these gather together, bringing Harvey Nichols to the top becomes one of the aims. Yet, there is something more difficult than having the first rank: Keeping the first rank. This will be achieved through high qualified service, bringing more brands, enrichment of the departments and correct price policies for Harvey Nichols.

Demsa carries out Turkish representation of brands such as D&G, Gianfranco Ferre, Ferre, GF Ferre, Guess, and Just Cavalli. Are there any other brands that you plan to bring to Turkey?
We are going to be focused on Harvey Nichols for a while. There are about 150 brands already. To proceed them, placing right orders are a business all by itself. But of course some other brands will join to Demsa.

How much do you think that the marketshare of luxurous consumption in Turkey is? What will be the consumption graphics of luxurous brands for 2010 in our country?
The marketshare of luxuruous consumption in our country is pretty low. Especially with the effect of the recent global crisis, it really decreased. I believe that it will be OK by September 2010, but we have unfortunately lost 2009.

We’re going to see another Italian kitchen in Kanyon with Harvey Nichols...
We have negotiated with Da Mario for Harvey Nichols. We were looking for Italian cuisine…

You have made a difference in television broadcasting with Fashion Tv and Ztv. Would you tell your prospects about television?
Fashion and textile are my areas of interest since my student days. My father took us to the holding for making us gain experience when we were students. I generally worked in textile departments of the holding. Then Demsa was established. And we began broadcasting with Fashion TV. The channel became the most popular thematic channel of our country. It is also the third most common channel in the world. In fact, if one takes a look, there is a tendency to thematic channels all over the world. Think for a while, if you like documentaries, you have the chance to watch a documentary in a national channel only once a week. But you turn a documentary channel on and watch as much as you wish. On the other hand, Ztv is established by the mentality of “serving to the development of education”, which is one of the most vital concepts that we learnt from our family. It is a project about “Equality of opportunities in Education”. We also plan to establish other thematic channels.

Along with Turkey, you are also planning to open chain stores abroad with the cooperation of Demsa and Atıl Kutoğlu. Would you mention about that?
We as Demsa do not forget our fashion designers when we are cooperating with foreign brands. There are fashion awards every year on Fashion TV for participating the development of Turkish fashion, we have also established a club for young designers. We organize special fashion shows for them.

Is there any other Turkish designer that you plan to support like Atıl Kutoğlu?
Of course we wish to cooperate with other designers in time. But there is no determined name at the moment.

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