Contemporary Perfermer Of Glass Art

Contemporary Perfermer Of Glass Art

Nahide Büyükkaymakçı, who is decorator-painter and does master in Berlin on her actual profession and takes education on fashion, did her internship on glass in Venice. She returned to Turkey after her internship and opened a child cloth store in Nişantaşı called Piçiko together with a painter friend. She couldn’t stay unconcerned with suggestions from entertainment life and her administration life has begun. She administrated many places such as Taksim Night Park, Çubuklu 29, Black and she is making cloth styling in feature-length movies and commercial films. What about to know this colorful per-son who has the happiness of a child in her eyes as well as the matu-rity of age 48?

Where did you come from and where are you going to?
I came from Black Sea region and going to Europe. I think I will settle down to Europe. I was born in Black Sea region, grew up in Aegean region and then came back to İstanbul. I’ve characteristics of a Rus-sian, Georgian, Greek. I’m in İstanbul for over 30 years.

What does İstanbul means for you?

Does it feed you or exhaust you?
Yes, it feeds me. However it exhausts me sometimes.

What characteristics feed you?
Its beauty, disorder, tissue, color all feed me. But its color changed these days, it became gray.

For example?
Chaotic structure and political status of İstanbul.

Which one dominates? Positives or negatives?
Negatives have begun to dominate from now on. When I was young, I was indulgent but I can not put up with it as I get older.

Where do you live?
I live in Cihangir and I love it. I have many friends and a house with a great landscape in here.

Did you ever get married?
Heavens no! I never wanted to get married. I want child but it is too late now.

Any love?
Not for now.

Do you want?
Not so much. It is too exhausting. You’ll try to know a new person, first squabbles, and then it ends somehow. I never fall for it. It is ex-hausting even I keep going in a controlled manner.

When did you say “I am maturated”?
At 40.

What are you now?
I am going down to the earth. I don’t have energy anymore, I see it. I could do 2-3 works at the same time in early days; however I feel that my energy is consumed.

What is your goal?
To settle into Germany. The life is easier in there, everybody compre-hends the art and my works are appreciated. Even though I made many works in Turkey, I could not receive a material and moral recompense for my works.

Is there any situation that makes you angry?
Of course, the life! For example, an architect friend called me lately. He asked me to offer an appropriate price to the customer; otherwise the customer would prefer an Italian product… Did I get the educa-tion in Italy for nothing? This work has a cost. We are doing this work in Turkey under hard conditions and costs are high. These are exhausting and backbreaking. Also I get irritated when I saw others wearing clothes same with my clothes.

Are there designers you like and imitate?
Tchuli (glass master). He came to Turkey. I adore his works. I also like the designs of Erdem Akan (tea glass).

Source: QPlus 2. issue

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