Travelling in Time

Travelling in Time

Ural Ataman converted his passion on classical cars, which started in the 1970s, into a museum that accommodates hundreds of automobiles and accessories in the present day. In the museum, 63 automobiles that belong to the period between the years of 1925 and 1975, 5 motorcycles, a fire brigade truck, a military jeep and a farm tractor welcome the visitors. Furthermore, 450 wheel trim caps, each one is the first example of its model in the history of the automobiles, are also available in this automobile museum. In addition to all these, 16 gas pumps that serviced those cars in the same periods await us as a different concept of the museum. For the fans and those who like nostalgia, the coke, the chocolate and the tilt machines that can be considered classics, and used in the United Stated widely in the 1950s have already taken their places in this museum.

The Oldest from the United States and the Newest from Europe
The Classical Cars Museum was arranged in two sections as American and European automobiles. In the section that houses the American cars, first manufactured brands and models that set their label of reputation in the world’s automobile sector are exhibited. Among them Chevrolets, Cadillacs and Fords are available to see. The oldest automobile in the museum is 1926 model Ford T. Ford brand automobiles tracing back to between 1926 and 1940s, Chevrolet brand automobiles after 1940 and 1945s are among the classics that can be found in the museum. Chevrolets and Cadillacs that belong to the subsequent years of 1950s are some of the cars that the automobile enthusiasts may find in this American section.

When you pass to the European section of the museum, you can meet with a 1975 model BMW that is the youngest in the museum. In this section, Mercedeses, Jaguars and British and German automobile models call our attention in addition to one that belongs to Italian brands.

Also in the museum, automobiles of two celebrities that are very reputed in the history of Turkish cinema are available. These automobiles were taken from the stars, Ayhan Işık and Filiz Akın, and were included in the museum subsequent to a thorough restoration, nearest to their originals, in 1980s. In the museum that was established on two thousand meter square area, the gas pumps that were used in the periods in which the cars were used add a different nostalgia to the ambiance. The coke, chocolate and tilt machines as well as the jukeboxes that we can come across in many American movies located around the automobiles takes you to the 1930s or 1940s.

From America’s Fast-foods to European Bars
A different concept was designated in the centerline of Block A used to exhibit the American classics and designed consonant with the atmosphere of the museum. In the America of the 1950s and 1960s, a copy of the fast-food restaurants, called “diner”, was constructed tête-à-tête and the bar section was annexed. The model automobile collection, located at the back of the same section, is one of the favorite sections of the museum.
In the upper story of Block B, in which the European cars are exhibited, an English Pub reflecting the European bliss, narrating the old periods, and constituted of warmer materials as well as a library appropriate to the objective of the museum, a piano, and the articles of collection values take place. And a mini classical automobile racing track was restored. In respect of the periodical maintenances of the automobiles, an attention-calling fussiness and care can be easily noticed. Each automobile is taken into the maintenance once in 8-9 months that is carried out in the workshop in the museum. A special polishing takes place once in 6 months and dust cleaning is applied once in 15 days using another special polish.

A Different Locality for Organizations
The museum can only be visited on Saturdays between 11.00 am and 6.00 pm. It can be rented, however, for organizations for 365 days a year. The press conferences, product launching or in-firm trainings can be held in the museum in addition to the birthday parties as well as the wedding or engagement ceremonies with cocktail or meal courses. It is possible to hire the automobiles in the museum for private reasons. The automobiles can be hired for commercials but it is unfortunately forbidden to hire them for movies or TV serials due to rapid decaying. Selim Terzibali, the Museum Director, confesses that the visitors as well as the kinsmen envy him for working in such an ambiance. Terzibali reveals his happiness by saying, “No matter how stressful and tired you are, when you sit down in front of the wheel of a classical car, you feel you are not from this world. You feel you have gone to such another world.” According to what other things Terzibali says, the first question that the museum visitors ask is whether the automobiles are on sale. Terzibali adds that the visitors of the museum are from varied age groups and that from time to time 12-13-year-old children may watch the automobiles in great excitement and know its characteristics.

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