Smokeless Barbecue - Ambiance

Smokeless Barbecue - Ambiance

Go Mongo which has the title of the first “Mongolian Barbecue” restaurant in Turkey brings the barbecue pleasure to your table by Mongolian Hot Pot which is named “steam ship” or “hot stewpot” in Mongolian language, one of the conventional cooking methods of the Immigrant Mongolian hordes. You can cook ready meat and vegetable slices accompanied by a special designated barbecue stewpot which are brought to your table by inserting into the sauce at the intervals and amount you wish, in the restaurant in the Suadiye. The meat is cooked in the “Mongolian Hot Pot” smokeless and effortless.

The Fishmekan in Arnavutköy, which is one of the most beautiful and the oldest district of Istanbul, is being talked about with its fast lunch service nowadays. You would be having a healthy lunch without loosing more time thanks to grilled fish and salad prepared with fresh vegetables by Bosporus view. Executive Chief, Fettah Akbulut, who prepares the spring menu and spent his 35 years in this sector, is preparing special meals to present new tastes appropriate to the taste of the customers. Especially lunch menu may be preferred apart from A’la carte in Fishmekan.

The whisky trademark, J&B is starting its new global advertising campaign in Turkey firstly. J&B recommends transforming entire life into a party with its new advertisement slogan “Start A Party” giving the message “you can start your own party”. Disco ball which is the symbol of the party and universal amusement is the new advertising icon of J&B. Disco ball visual is used in all announces, packages and advertising materials for the new campaign which focuses on the party concept.

A46 Organization adds design and difference to the weddings and parties with coming summer. The firm, in the association of Arda Can, Selim Demir and Tuvana Büyükçınar presents boutique service. A46 Organization brings romance and elegance in the foreground for the weddings and parties this year. It aims to create a close environment and turns the weddings to parties in the end.

True Blue which came into service in Fenerbahçe Koyu, which is one of the most beautiful parts of Istanbul is a new station that you can have fine time in summer and winter. The place which is on the Fener Kalamış Caddesi and has a unique view, creates difference with its glamorous design and rich menu. True Blue whose double sides were built up with glass and consisting different localities is a good alternative with its elegant design in winter and summer for the ones who wants to enjoy sea scene. True Blue which starts the day with the breakfast service presents lunch which has rich menu and dinner meals. In addition, it serves until the first light of the morning sunrise without breaking down to amusement and pleasure with its special menu prepared for after midnight.

The healthy life trend which spreads fast all over the world also influence Turkey… It will be an indispensable meeting point for the people who prefer healthy life and to stay young. Turkey’s first healthy food restaurant, SAF was opened in Istanbul, Asmalımecit. SAF restaurant, which is also preferred the famous people and has the first healthy and uncooked kitchen of Europe, presents different and new choices by special meals prepared with fresh organic products. In Martini Bar, organic cocktails better than another are presented in mixtures and fruit, vegetable and herbal juices which give energy. SAF is also Turkey’s first restaurant and bar that are not smoked in.

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