Heart Beats of Fashion Was Heard in Istanbul - Events

Heart Beats of Fashion Was Heard in Istanbul - Events

Fashion TV Turkey held the first “Fashion Awards Night” in Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibiton Hall with the participation of many famous names. Strictly speaking, heartbeats of fashion was heard in İstanbul, Kürşat Başar and Şenay Akay presented the program. World-renowned fashion designer Gianfranco Fere also attended at the night and clothes by Fere was introduced. Fashion TV’s owner by name Michelle Adam and top model Molly Sims known by her leading role in the TV serial Las Vegas were also among local-foreign guests who dazzled the eyes with their elegance. Sezen Aksu gave a memorable concert after Ferre fashion display.

Altınbaş has added a new one in its “Reflection” collections: Ritm-i Sema. On the prompting of UNESCO declared 2007 as “the year of Mevlana”, this collection inspired by great thinker’s verses is composed of 60 choice pieces named “Pir”,”Derun”, “Zerre”. Altınbaş introduced this collection based upon the philosophy “what you see is what you look for” to four hundred elite guests from business and art communities in Esma Sultan Waterside Residence... At night, the elegant decoration (mainly black and gold colours) of the Esma Sultan Waterside were prepared by Betina Hakko and Candan Kıramer (B&C) One of the rings from this collection was presented in gigantic proportions on the stage with cristals and tulles. At the display, presenter was Rana Tabanca and models were Deniz Pulaş, Ece Sükan, Sema Şimşek, Sinem Güven, Pınar Tezcan and Yüksel Ak.

ALa Mode 2007, one of the most pr estigious fashion organizations in Hotel firstly. It was realized with Dilek Hanif’s fashion display. In display, famous fashion designer’s 40 itemed 2007 Spring- Summer Collection was exhibited. Dilek Hanif specified that she has worked on 1920s and tried to reflect the influence of dance currents like tango and charleston onto her clothes; she also stated that she was inspired by those years because women were getting rid of tight corsets, becoming free and experiencing radical changes during the period. Uğurkan Erez has prepared the choreoraphy of the display. Famous models like Çağla Şikel, Güzide Duran, Cansu Dere, Tuğçe Kazaz Seitaridi presented the clothes. In the organisation sponsored by Maserati, podium decoration was made by famous interior decorator Hakan Ezer. Lione Bouard, who worked for the couture displays of world-famous brands like Montana and Lanvin, was the art director of the display. Guests, after seeing the fashion display in a tent of 500 m² prepared on Les Ottoman’s deck, passed to the a special hall in the hotel to go on the night.

Paşabahçe, introduced its new collection f&d series with an elegant cocktail at Esma Sultan waterside residence. Top executives of Paþabahçe also attended at the promotion night, and new f&d collection created by Paşabahçe with the themes of “glass” and “brand” was presented. CEO Gülsüm Azeri gave information about collection in her opening speech. Later, music show made by glasses was highly acclaimed. While guests were sipping their drinks in glasses of the new collection, accompanied by music, f&d Wine Advisor Alain Würsching gave information about which wine should be drink in what kind glass.


Founded by Ayşegül Kozikoğlu ve Sibel Ögetürk INUI, covering select brands in its constitution, introduced its 2007 Spring& Summer Collection with a special tea party at Leea Brasserie in Nişantaşı. Well-known faces of Istanbul’s high society attended in the party, models presented stylish clothes in a sincere environment. Style consultant Ece Sükan informed the guests about clothes and their styles. Sükan, emphasizing INUI works with very avant-garde designers indicated that both futuristic and minimal clothes took place in the collection. Moreover, have the opportunity to order the clothes they liked.

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