Futuristik View and Romantic Reflections - Moda

Futuristik View and Romantic Reflections - Moda

The latest lines of the famous fashion designers were combined with light of spring and exuberance of the fashion by Harvey Nichols... There are more than 200 trademarks in Harvey Nichols, a lot of different tendencies from futuristic lines of the season to romantic current are represented together... Models reminiscent of trapeze stars’ costumes, collections getting romanticism from the passionate world of flowers and the ones interpreting smart and assertive types of sports offer the possibilty to create peculiar combinations.

The untimely smartness, sophisticated and modern elegance of Babe Paley are main lines of Elie Tahari Collection. In collection very special silk and linens are used. Jackets attracting attention with their sewing details, style and embroidered skirts, shirt clothes, sexy longline bras conspicious from time to time by the lines of 60th and high shoulder effects are ideal for whom wants to create a different style...

The adaptation of luxury to daily life is seen in the new collection of Temperly. Mushroom, chocolate, grey and cream tones, which are preferred in colors, are as the reflections of sundown. In festival costumes and night clothes prospering by handworks meeting of contrasts are attracting attention. In this collection there are linen clothes, mini lady jackets, soft safari effected leathers, silk and Jersey clothes with measured low necked that can be worn at every time of day.

The main factors of Marc Jacobs Collection are lame and silver overworn view, goat leather, silk, velvet, denim printed fabrics, colored plastics. In colors gold, silver, white, yellow, dark blue and turqoise, red, brown, black are dominant. Moreover, flowered printings, many colored patchworks are observable. Metal hairclasps combined with leather or velvet, silk and napa, goat leather with rubber, rope and spangle, zips with logos, big gold hairclasps, fasteners and colored stones can be counted in the details.

Filmy skirts, gigantic buttoned pocket details, comfortable silhouettes, under knee clothes... Sky blue, the most effective tones of yellow... Instead of accustomed asymmetrical patterns wide flower prints, chiffons used with tricots... All of these are the the most distinct items. When we consider shoes. Platformed and striking heels are seen very attractive.

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