Internal Journey of Design

Internal Journey of Design

The artist, blending oryantal  mysticism with western rafinery, prepared her new collection using turquoises, soil corals and ebonies colleted from untouched regions during her journey to India and Tanzania. Rare jewelleries with pure and positively strong materials has come out. Here is Zeynep Erol and her new collection bearing her name which will be presented this month...

How do you define the concept of your collection?

I get the inspiration of design from my own feelings. The exhibitions reflect my own inner world. The stories come out of my inside world. The journey feed up my soul and my own world. Journeys contribute to me and are represented in jewellery. The sensations meet the materials some how. Suddenly stories arise. . I totally turn&look myself inside to create it. It’s not enough to say ‘I will make a spring collection, it is spring.’ Making a collection for me is a return of my collected ideas in that era. Whatever I am focused on, the concept comes out of that. For example, I was interested with the angels, attracted to their energies around new year and made a concept about the angels. Before that I displayed my Tortoiseshell collection. The back side of  Turtle carries positive energies. I wanted the convey the affection of Turtles to human in my designs. And expressed the mystical engergy with nice prayers and good words. Tortoiseshell use is banned and a rarely found material that is why it’s very expensive, it worths as a diamond. Its special for me again, a small collection came out. Every collections stand for a new meaning and have its own story that is independent than the season, fashion or material values.

What is the story of your last collection?

The story is here that every piece is designed as a gift from totally pure and untouched land primary and pure energies of people living in those lands. Because unfortunately, our world is so conteminated, and everything is consumed that I think we can’t reach the purity and prosperity. It’s like nostalgia, just wanted to remind these.

You are travelling frequently. Are materials you used in your new collection from the places you have been to?

Yes. I love travelling too much. From one country to another, I pay attention to pick the stones from different places. Because I believe in their energies. %99 of these stones are from India... I take few stones, because I do not work In large quantities. Besides, in trips, I try to examine around, their architectural structures, history, people in the streets... With all these the stones turns to different concepts. In my last collection, I used turquoises, soil corals I picked off from the Himalayas, Leh-Lodahk and India. And ebony trees, from Tanzania, and there is a tree called “kadamba” from India, this tree is identified with the monsoon rains. It blossoms when it hears the voice of Monsoon rains. Krishna the God was playing flute under this tree. So it has a mystical meaning. That is why I did a few pieces from this tree. The same like Ebony. Turquoises, Corals are found everywhere but, I believe in their energies. The materials are less and precious, so the jewelleries are in few quantities.

You said “I believe in stones’ energies”, can you explain it?

Because they are allfrom earth, they are all organic, so they live. Being alive makes them absorb the engergy. They need to be cleaned. As they are absorbing the positive also they absorb the negative too. Yet, when they absorb positive energy, their reflections and the power they splash around is very attractive. When they are feeded in our body positively they also feed us back. This is very important. Because a piece of jewellery is not an extension of  fashion or accesorry for me. Jewellery, is a work of art having a close relation with human body. Beside the story, the stone, having harmonious crystal with body, feeds us brightly. My jewelleries are not just accessories, people keep them precious as reminiscents of a certain feeling.

How many types your collection contains?

25 typed collection. I open my exhibitions at least with 100 types, that is why I can call it a collection. In 2 May, I will exhibit them in my own gallery.

When did you open your gallery? Where else Zeynep Erol Jewelleries are sold?

About ten years ago, after making my own jewelleries, I opened it  in 1996. Since 1998 I prepare my designs and first models. Because I can’t catch up with everything. Reproduction is very hard because they are hand crafted. I totally work in metal technique rarely, in casting. Pieces are produced between 1-5 apart from here, it is sold only in Harvey Nichols. Besides I do some other design for the Harvey Nichols too, the ones there are not here and the ones here are not there. My products are only in my own gallery. They are all special. They all tell a subject, concept and story.

In which frequencies you open exhibitions? What do you think about the other opening exhibitions?

I open exhibitions in 2 years. I work so hard, that is why I feel sorry for the fullness of jewellery design. The market side of the product is very good. Everyone can  afford to buy jewelleries, could be sold in any price, but we should not mistake the jewellery art with the other works. With 2 years work or stringing the bead, this is not design. If I achievied something, I owe this to being stabilized, disciplined and working sucessively, renewing myself and opening new exhibitions consistently. 18 years is a long time and effort. And I believe that jewellery designing is a kilometre work, it requires to work consistently and go through the kitchen of this work. The designs must be seperated. Everyone creates nice things, but everyone’s path should be different and if you do art you must have original ideas, all the time you must renew yourself. The source, polish, every aspect of the art must be learned.

Do you have your favourite artists in Turkey or other countries?

I like the German artists. Germans are very successfull in design like in other things. I like the Northern artists, Danish… They have  cold jewellery designs which is so nice. It fits their styles. Everyone could find the right design in their own styles. Germans and North people are very good.

What does it define the value of bijoux according to you?

Designing jewellery is not so easy. Sometime people evaluate the value of jewellery with other things. I think a jewellery’s value should be evaluated by its own. The spent time, effort, design and art must be considered. I try to do this.

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